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Thursday, 21 February 2008

Adventures with a bread-maker

Gale force 9 winds are blowing around Orkney with gusts forecast up to 70mph. So today is a good day to stay indoors. Time to experiment with my recently acquired bread-making machine. Now this will come as a great surprise to those who know me, as I don’t cook. It’s not that I can’t cook, it’s just I don’t enjoy it so do as little as possible. It was a great disappointment when I discovered the price of my new range cooker didn’t include a chef….

However I love toast and jam, and I love cake – this bread maker will do *all* of them (well according to the instruction book)! Cake figures large in my life – when the ladies of the island have a craft and “home bake” sale I arrive in my car like Boudicca in her chariot – and woe betide anyone who gets between me and CAKE!

Anyhow I acquired this breadmaker via Orkney Freecycle (a local website where people can recycle things they no longer need) and today is my first experience. So far so good – as I type the machine is doing its stuff. It’s a tad noisy – I suspect I won’t be using the overnight timer unless I also double it up as an alarm clock. But if I stand on a chair I can look through the little window at the top and so far all appears well.

The bread maker will hopefully become well used. With no shops on Graemsay one needs to be well organised to get supplies sent over, or to venture forth and shop in the town. The term 24- hour shopping" on Graemsay means phoning your order to town one day and collecting it from the pier the next. Anyway I’m hoping that I will now be inspired to make fresh bread, and CAKE.

Of course it does depend on having the correct ingredients so I am now off to write a list of goodies to bring home from town tomorrow…….. more flour…. seeds….. raisins……herbs…… things that most cooks have in their cupboard anyway – which of course is why I don’t. Oooh I hear a noise from the kitchen – has the dough exploded from the little basket thingy, is it now oozing slowly across the floor about to smother the cat who is snoozing in a corner – I must investigate……


  1. I hate unexplained noises. Be sure to let us know what it was.

  2. Hmm well think it was just the breadmaker doing its stuff - I need to get used to the noises. Cat was still snoozing anyway so noise couldn't have been that loud :-)