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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Wild flowers

As you will see I know very little about wild flowers! However I do know that this is some kind of hybrid marsh orchid! There were a dozen or so growing along the side of the road on Graemsay, just above a ditch. The pink (or purple?) orchids grow in abundance on Graemsay, and occasionally there are white ones too.

This is a pretty flower - think it might be red campion? Again this was growing along the side of the road and in the dunes at the links.

When I was "south" the other week I was surprised how far along the cow parsley was as it was barely evident on the island. However in two weeks it seems to have sprung up everywhere. I know it's a weed and I curse it in the flower border, but I do have a fondness for it. It reminds me of my old pony, Badger. He adored cow parsley and loved this time of year when it grew mouth height (for him) and we would arrive back at the stable yard with the equivalent of half a tree hanging from his mouth! Sadly Badger didn't make it up to Orkney but died 8 years ago at the grand age of 30 - a good age for a pony. So in memory of Badger, a photo of cow parsley (hmm or is it Hogweed? Either way it would be snack-time for Badger)!


  1. Love your wildflower photos. We have a much grander name for your cow parsley - I think it's what called Queen Anne's Lace on this side of the pond. 8^)

  2. Wow--has Badger been gone eight whole years? Sure doesn't seem like that long.

  3. Mary Z: Well I can't decide whether it's cow parsley or hog weed in the photo - either way Badger would love it!

    Bev - yup in some ways a looong time and in others not. Bless him he was such a character.