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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Calmer waters...

Yesterday we had some respite from the gales. I took the photo above on my trip to the pier to collect the messages (groceries). It's from Graemsay towards the island of Hoy. I love the way the light is monochrome. The wee croft outlined in the picture is Clett.

And here is one of my neighbour's Shetland ponies - also enjoying some respite from the gales!

Meanwhile at the pier, it's cargo day with a tractor ready to offload/onload! This photo was taken from near the Lighthouse, hence the odd angle!


  1. Glad the wind has dropped for you, Sian. Still and misty here today - very autumnal.

  2. That's still looks pretty bleak!

  3. Perpetua - Hope you are enjoying your sojourn North?

    Harriet - Yes I suppose it does. But I actually love the bleakness too after the softness of summer.

    CP - thanks!

  4. Thanks, Sian. It was dry but VERY windy when we arrived yesterday, but it's sunny and much quieter today and I've even manage to get some washing out on the line. :-) With this scenery enjoyment is guaranteed.