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Monday, 7 November 2011

Sunday wanderings

Today (Monday) I've been suffering from a rotten headache which just won't shift. I get them on occasion, as we all do I'm sure, so won't moan about it, but that's why this post might be a) brief and b) barely coherent!

Some photos from a beautiful Sunday .......

Button on a mission.....

Some flowers cheerfully blooming despite the colder weather and the wind!

Some of the hens enjoying the sunshine

Reflections of Hoy High lighthouse

And after a hard day supervising me in the garden (I was digging up the last of the potatoes), Button takes the chance for a nap in the sun.....


  1. I do hope your headache goes soon, Sian. Lovely photos - the weather is just as good across the water on the north coast. We too have roses and other things still in flower and the rose bushes are even opening next spring's buds because it's been so mild. the forecast is good for the coming few days, so hope you feel well to enjoy it.

  2. Poor you, hope it's gone by now. I remember you saying that my description of 'convalescence' from head injury (being unable to bear TV/ bright lights/ noise etc) sounded like one of your migraines, so you have my hearty sympathy! Hope Button has been bringing you cool wet cloths and cups of tea...

  3. Perpetua - hope you enjoyed your sojourn to the far North.

    DB - Thanks for the sympathy which I will gladly take. At least I know my migraines are short lived while I know the result of your injury is ongoing which must be debilitating. This occasion it was a combination of neck muscles triggering pain in shoulder and head. Thankfully gone for a while now! Oohhh for a cat that could make tea! As my dad used to quote "The cup that cheers but does not inebriate" ;-)