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Sunday, 25 December 2011

NOT a White Christmas!

Er - currently wind has been recorded in Kirkwall gusting over 80mph. We have a severe weather warning in place for winds to get up to 90mph.  It's a little scary around here at the moment. I am safe indoors as is Button, but the noise is tremendous!  Windows and doors are rattling and i've put tape over the doors and key holes to stop the draught! There was a "calm before the storm" moment at about 9.30 this morning so I got out to feed hens and Charlie the barn cat. NOT planning on going anywhere else at the moment!

As you can see above the sea is "smoking"!  Wonderful to watch, just hope everyone is safe and snug on this Christmas Day.

The sun came out and there was a rainbow in the sea spray

Wild sea in Hoy Sound

And yes in this photo it looks so tranquil.

I've added a "weather widget" to my blog - on the right hand side down the bottom - so you can see the weather around here!


  1. Love your weather widget! Stay snug and safe in your wonderful house.

  2. I hope today has not been too crazy weather wise, and that you've had a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas.

    I always enjoy reading your blog. Best wishes, Emma (Yorkshire)

  3. Merry Boxing Day from Melbourne, Australia. We had thunderstorms & rain yesterday but nothing as dramatic as your weather. I hope you, Button & everyone are safe & snug.

  4. Louise from Seattle26 December 2011 at 02:46

    Hi, Sian. Your "weather" pictures are sobering; hope you are safe and warm with Button. Always love reading your comments. Happy new year, and many, many thanks for your blog. It keeps me connected to your beautiful part of beautiful Scotland.

  5. Stay safe and warm - this is a time to stick to the fire.

  6. MaryZ - The weather widget is fun isn't it! Though it underestimated the wind yesterday....sigh..

    Emma - welcome! Hope you are warm and snug in Yorkshire. (I visit York occasionally as I work for the Uni).

    Lyn - Oh my goodness thunderstorms! Well hope you had a good day anyway. Safe and snug (especailly now power back on!).

    Louise - Waving!! Hallo!! Happy new year and glad you like the blog. Hope to see you on your next visit to Orkney.

  7. When the sea takes to the sky, you know it's serious.