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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sea Shore

More photos from the recent sunny spell. I love walking along the shore near the house.

Down at the pier are lots of sand eels - good for the local bird and sealife!  Favourite puffin food too! We don't have puffins nesting on the island but I often see them in flight when on the boat.

Rock pools are full of interesting things

And an amazing variety of seaweed too

And the seals are always curious about us land based folk!

Interesting geology here.....

Here is evidence of an old "midden" (rubbish tip) by one of the ruined croft cottages. It's thought there has been a croft here for several hundred years.

And the "Hamnavoe" sailing out of Stromness again!


  1. So much to see. Do you ever get tempted to have a dig through that midden ?

  2. Super photos in your glorious weather, Sian. Ours has completely disappeared, just as the grandsons arrived for half-term. Sigh...