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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Sunset reprise....

OK it's another sunset. Sorry but tonight's was particularly beautiful and I just wanted to share the photos. It's been raining the last couple of nights and I have missed the late sunshine. Sunset is now at 20.52 - days are getting shorter - sigh. Sunrise is at 5.38am and it really is *dark* at night again. It caught me by surprise that it was dark at 4.30am this morning - yes I WAS up at that time..... dealing with a small incident with Button bringing in snack food. No, really you don't want to know..... neither did I at 4.30AM (did I mention it was AM?). However it was lovely and still and calm outside the back door at that time of the morning... it's just something I don't wish to experience very often...... (Please note: I am now looking for a cat flap that scans and only opens if Button does not have anything in her jaws......)

But I digress, and tonight's sunset was very uplifting! So.... the one above is from the "back door"........

And so is this, but looking towards Stromness. I love the purple colours and yes it really did look like that.


  1. Gorgeous photos - and you still have pretty long days, compared to what we "southerners" are having.

    I'm taking the liberty of sharing your photos with my almost 90-year-old aunt. She doesn't get the internet, but can get e-mails printed out. She loves any photos I send her. I promise I'll give you full credit!

  2. Beautiful photos, Sian. Makes me quite wistful.Could do with a bit of peace just know as my daughter is distraught about her A level results. Needs a priority remark for her first choice, one module mark is way out of character. School supportive but the system will only move slowly.Hey Ho - it's feeling so impotent that I find difficult.
    Hope Button doesn't bring in too many more snacks - we have the same problem with Marmite. I was woken up by a bird in my bedroom the other week!
    Bye for now, Jo

  3. Mary Z - feel free to share the photos with your Aunt!

    Jo - yup last night I had to rescue a bird flying around the kitchen..... sigh.....

    Bev - Yip!