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Saturday 11 March 2023

Let it snow!


For the last week we have had snow, ice, sleet, as well as sunshine, fluffy clouds and blue skies!  So here are a few photos from around the house.  My lungs don't like the cold air so I didn't wander far but it was glorious to be out even if for just a few minutes.   Well apart from Tuesday when I had to take Button for a vet appointment, driving Freda (the van) in a blizzard with icy roads!  Button is doing OK for an elderly cat (17 years old), but needed additional pain management and also regular check on an emerging condition.  We were both glad to get home again!  At least it was a shorter journey than from Graemsay!

Anyway, here are some snow photos.

Through the front window onto the garden - road just outside looking icy

Button enjoying the view but not wanting to get cold paws.

Loosely referred to as the north facing "garden"

Looking East to the farm up the hill and the cliffs of Dingieshowe

Ronnie, one of the garage cats eager for breakfast.  They have cosy beds in the garage, plenty of food and water too.

Boot scraper - or Bill & Ben (as in Flowerpot men) have abandoned their shovels!

The farm up the hill

Looking South West (ish)

Milk doorstep delivery still appeared at 6.30am!

Looking South - sun blazing down on the solar panels- yay!

The track across the garden up to the dunes...

Up on the dunes....

Crocus and narcissi blooming.  Spring is coming!!

And a short video of the waves on the shore.