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Friday 26 August 2022

And breathe!


Etched in my memory!

Thanks for all the comments and messages about the sale of Sandside.  There has been lots of interest in the house and I'm happy to say I have accepted an offer which is currently going through the legal processes. I believe the new folk will respect the old stone house and make it a lovely family home.  I'm delighted. Fingers crossed everything proceeds through the legals now.  

Meanwhile I am moving to Kirkwall temporarily, while I look for a more permanent home.  I decided some time ago I needed to be off the island for Winter, largely due to health reasons. So it's new adventures, exciting times and Tesco (and Co-op) delivery!  

I haven't decided whether to continue blogging, my mojo disappeared in the last year or so.  I may start a new blog once I leave Graemsay, but more likely I will go over to something like Instagram.  No decisions yet but I will keep you - er - posted!

Meanwhile, August has been glorious weather wise.  Not the high temperatures of the UK further South, but lovely and warm, with bright days, little wind and few midges.  So here are some photos taken on several e-trike rides around the island.

Hoy High lighthouse and Sandside

The garden, overlooking Hoy Sound

And in the evening.....

Oystercatchers making the most of the cut silage field.  Sandside and Hoy High light in the distance

Scarratain with a traditional turf roof.  Hoy hills in the background

A coo and calf at the top of Windbreck hill, overlooking Clestrain Sound and the Orphir hills

Hoy High, and coos!  Stromness across the water.

Looking West to the fields as silage was being cut earlier in the month.

Looking down the road to Sandside


Looking across the water 

Daisies at the old steading at Sandside.....

I love thistles!


And looking across Sandside Bay

The increasing pile of packing boxes.......

Thanks for reading.  More later....

Thursday 4 August 2022

Moving on.....


For a variety of reasons, the time has come to move on from Graemsay.  I've lived here for 22 years and loved my time on the island.  But life and priorities change so I'm moving onto the Orkney Mainland. I shall miss the view and community though!

House details for those interested! 

House sale details