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Monday 6 May 2024

R.I.P. Madam Button


Very sadly I had to say goodbye to Madam Button, my little sea cat, a couple of weeks ago.  She was 18 years old, and had a very active life until recently.  She had a bad infection last October and to be honest I was surprised she rallied so well from that - I should have known better.  She was always a very persistent cat.  She had a good quality of life up to recently despite various health problems, but it became clear that her time had come.  

I made the decision over a weekend and spent that time snuggled with her whenever she wanted.  I think we both said our goodbyes that weekend. 

She was as bright as a - well - Button on the dreaded morning.  Had a second breakfast, made her presence knowm by demanding I get up!   I arranged for the vet to come to the house and it was all very calm, and very peaceful at the end.  Which is all any of us can ask for.  The last kindness is the hardest.

We had been together just under 16 years, most of that time on Graemsay.  She was a remarkable cat, very determined, always the boss.  Made me laugh every single day.  She is a great miss. Run free sweet girl.

So here are a few photos of her life on Graemsay.

That time she climbed down the side of the pier!!

Sqweeee - haha....

Watch out for the hens, Button!

Soaking up the sun....

The starlings nested in the pier so she was always wondering if she could get to them!

Still trying to keep her paws dry while exploring.

Searching for Owl and a pea green boat...

Action shot of her hunting a field mouse!

Hunting mice in the byres

Unimpressed with snow.....

But still up for a walk to the shore...

Sleeping on the netting protecting tender plants - fail!

Her favourite morning spot in summer.

Let. Me. In.... NOW!

And more recently in our "retirement" - she enjoyed snoozing in the sun, watching the world go by and inspecting the perimeter of the catio.....

I started this blog a few months before she arrived on Graemsay, and though this blog wasn't about her (though she thought so!) I feel it's now an appropriate time to close this blog.  End of an era for both of us.

Thank you to all my followers over the years, and all the lovely comments.  Wishing everyone well in these uncertain times.