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Tuesday 24 January 2017

Some links....

Still a bit "under the weather" but getting there.  Meanwhile.... here are a couple of links

This one is a link to Love Scottish Islands and some questions I answered on Graemsay ;-)

Graemsay - Orkney's best kept secret.

And this one about my neighbour Mick, who is our local postie.  Though to be fair, he's Orkney's oldest island postie! NOT Scotland's.

The Graemsay Postman

Saturday 14 January 2017

There's been a lot of weather about...

We've had 70mph winds, rain, hail, sleet, and yes, even snow, these last few days.  The snow looked pretty for a while but hasn't stayed long.  Thankfully we are due for some calm days now. The wind really cools the house down so I prefer the calmer weather! Plus I sleep better!  I've been battling a virus the last couple of weeks (hence lack of posts), but did go out and about a bit today so here are a few photos from a slightly snowy Graemsay!

Above.... Button's response to all the weather!  She neither likes loud weather, or cold paws.... and who can blame her....

Earlier this morning (sunrise now about 8.53 am, but it takes a while to rise about East Hill on Graemsay) with the farm, Windbreck, to the right of the rising sun.

And then the sky clears a little before the next dark cloud....

Meanwhile over the Hoy Hills the weather kept changing....

An then the snow arrives .....

and clears again....

Facing North towards Stromness.....

And the Orphir hills behind Hoy High light....

Then this afternoon, as the sun sets behind the Hoy hills, over on the East side of the island.... (photos taken about 3.30pm)

The croft of Crookshouse (known as C'euks).

Some of the kye (cattle)  out in the field....

Looking over towards Orphir....

Over the rooftop of Clett to Hoy.....

And the kids made a mini snowman!! Kids are never daunted by lack of materials!

I hope to be back blogging again and responding to comments soon!

Tuesday 3 January 2017

Old buildings around Sandside

I was out the other day and took some more photos of the old byres around Sandside.  I've used the DistressedFX app again for some effects.  Above old cattle stalls, with manger. You can see this was originally a dwelling house, with the chimney clearly visible.  A house would be built and when it was beyond repair, or a larger one needed, the old one became byres.

Below a blocked off doorway between byres.

Multiple changes have gone on with this wall!

Old cattle stalls

A hole in a door! I love the staples along the top, and the hinge...rusting but still holding.

The recess in the wall may have been part of the dwelling house - or it may just be as a result of the alterations.  These recesses appear higher up in some old houses - they were shelves to keep jugs of water (or beer!) on.  The channels in the floor are as a result of the building being converted to a byre...

This is inside an old barn, which at one time was a mill with a wheel powered by water outside.

More cattle stalls....

There is a fantastic new book out by Keith Allardyce, with stories by Tom Muir - "Silent : a portrait of deserted Orkney Buildings".  I treated myself to a copy for Christmas.

There is an old building from Graemsay in it too - Cott of School....

Monday 2 January 2017

Another bonny day on Graemsay

Jacob and Zwarble sheep in a field above Sandside Bay.  Sandside (my home) and Hoy High lighthouse with the Orphir hill in the background over a calm sea.  Chilly out, only about 4 degrees, but lovely and bright!

Britain's Ancient Capital - Secrets of Orkney

I realise lots of my readers may not be able to see this programme but some of you might, so putting a link here to a new programme on BBC2 tonight at 9pm.

Britain's Ancient Capital - Secrets of Orkney

Sunday 1 January 2017

Happy New Year!

After two days of grey and rain, today dawned bright, sunny with showers, and a chill Northerly wind.  Bracing to be out!  But lovely!  Last night (Hogmanay) all the island folk who were here and well were up at Fillets to bring in the New Year.  It was very quiet this morning!  Here are a few photos from a quick trip out and about on New Year's Day.

Below Sandside Bay with a few "white horses".

Looking to the croft of Quoys.

Wish all my blogging friends a very Happy New Year!