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Monday 23 May 2022

A visit to a Clickmill....


On the Orkney Mainland, amid moorland and farmland, is a Clickmill.  This lovely old building was built in the early part of the 19th Century and is powered by water.  The name Click Mill comes from the noise it makes. More of an explanation is available here

The two photos below show some of the workings (the mill was temporarily closed when we visited so I didn't get inside).

A gentle burn outside....

A traditional turf roof thatched over flagstone slabs gives added insulation.

Marsh marigolds in a ditch.....

Saturday 14 May 2022

A trip out to Marwick Bay, West Mainland


Again these photos were taken back in March, so the grass will look much lusher now in May!  

Kitchener Memorial on Marwick Head

Goose barnacles on an old buoy....

Farmland around Marwick

The bay is a popular spot for (hardy) surfers.

Fishermen's huts at Marwick

And more surf on the way back!

You can just see two folk walking along the coast path about to go up Marwick Head - gives a perspective on size!

Hope you enjoyed your wander around the bay...

Friday 13 May 2022

Ferry ride from Stromness


These photos were taken back in March. Fortunately Graemsay is looking a lot greener since with grass in the fields for the livestock at last!

Sailing out of Stromness harbour

Instead of heading straight home we will be going West via Hoy Low lighthouse on this trip....

Looking West - no worries we aren't going into those waves!

Into Burra Sound now.  Hoy Low light peering over the top of the shoreline.

Crofts on Graemsay

Currents meet here giving a whirlpool effect.  This can be a challenging bit of water to cross if you are in a small boat!  The ferry has not problem as long as it sticks to a narrow channel through and misses various wrecks that lie at the bottom.  Formerly part of WWII defences of Scapa Flow.  Now used for recreational diving.


These are the remains of 3 gun batteries and camps from WWII that guarded the entrance to Scapa Flow.  This one is on Hoy, the others were on Graemsay and Stromness.

One of the farms on Hoy

Tuesday 3 May 2022

Graemsay randomness


Graemsay can be a bit random, though this post title refers to random photos taken over the last couple of weeks.  My blogging record isn't great this year.  To be honest that's largely down to the weather.  We are having a LOT of very grey days (and trust me there are more than 50 shades of it too!). Photos look so flat in that light that I really haven't been taking many, even though I have been out and about on my trike and with the van.  Anyway, the farming calendar continues with lambing and calving, and there have been some lovely skies.  So here is the random selection! (Today it's 8 degrees C, and grey - someone sent sunshine and warmth.... so over this now!).

Ewes and lambs - to the right is a wee lamb sitting in a tub.... not just cats that like boxes then...

These ewes and lambs are in this old stack yard to give them a bit of shelter.  They are ewes or lambs that have had a bit of a problem and need some extra tlc.  After a couple of days they are out in the main field with the rest of the flock.

On the left the sun is about to set, and on the right the haar (sea mist) is racing in!

More mistiness over Stromness

Hoy High, two rams and the mist over Orphir

Another day another sunset....

Hoy under the duvet....

Dog violets along the edge of the road in Graemsay

Last year's young stock have been turned out into the fields.  Rain desperately needed for the grass to come through though.

And as cows calve, they and their young ones are turned out into the fields too.

Sandside bay and the "main road"...