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Sunday 27 November 2022

My new home.....


Life is still hectic and it's Autumn/Winter so my energy levels are not great, but am loving my new home.  Stunning sea views within a short distance.   View from house over a quieter pool of water, that has very low tides exposing mud flats.  This will be wonderful in Spring/Summer - and it faces West so great sunsets too!  Anyway a few scenic shots to keep you going!

Wild Atlantic ocean!

The front of the house has a calmer view across the pool and mudflats....

The house comes with two "sitting tenants" - 2 outside cats.  No I am not sure how Button will cope - but given we are near a fast road and she is mostly a house cat now, she won't be allowed to roam far anyway.  She's quite arthritic so prefers lazing in the sun to hunting these days.  A "catio" will be built to contain her and we will see how that goes.

Meanwhile here are Ginge I and Ginge II.  Ginge II is very shy and I have only seen his head up in the rafters of the garage.  Ginge I is bolder.  They get supplementary feeding as do many farm cats.  And judging by the remains nearby their main diet are mice, rats, and rabbits.  Though sadly will also include birds....sigh... They are about 5 years old, neutered and were born nearby so are well established.

Here is Ginge I

And a head shot of Ginge II

There has been a lot of wind (and rain - oh goodness a lot of rain) so the sea was quite busy today.

Tuesday 1 November 2022

Next adventure...


Photo by Graham Campbell

Sandside sale completed last week.  A bittersweet moment but I know the new folk will make excellent custodians to take the house through to the future.

So now I feel ok to talk about my next home - soon to complete on a wee house on the Orkney Mainland parish of Deerness.    Deerness itself is a peninsular joined by an isthmus so I'm *nearly* on a small island.  The house has history too, being a former Coastguard shed converted and extended about 15 years ago.  And yes it has a sea view and is near some of the best beaches in Orkney.  Wonderful for bird watching, seals etc.  There is even a lighthouse on the horizon. Deerness has lots of history too.  A small shop AND a gin distillery!

I'm really excited about my new home and once it is truly mine (later this month) I will post more photos of the environs.  Meanwhile here are a few photos around Deerness.

Photo above is of the isthmus and in the distance is the uninhabited island of Copinsay. The water in the foreground is St Peter's Pool, which faces West.  Wonderful mud flats when the tide is out so lots of waders to watch.  On the other side of the isthmus (I love that word...) is a wild and rugged coast.  Wonderful waves, great surf.

There's a sailing club in Deerness with a small place for the public to park with picnic benches etc.  And a slipway and walk along Newark Bay....

The island of Copinsay

Great places to park Freda for a cuppa

Sea views everywhere

Surfers in the water!

So I hope you stay with me on my next adventure!