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Thursday, 4 August 2022

Moving on.....


For a variety of reasons, the time has come to move on from Graemsay.  I've lived here for 22 years and loved my time on the island.  But life and priorities change so I'm moving onto the Orkney Mainland. I shall miss the view and community though!

House details for those interested! 

House sale details

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Random July photos on Graemsay....


The weather has been "changeable" this July in Orkney.  We have had mild, warm weather, nothing like the heatwave South - thankfully!  And yes we have had rain too.  And grey skies...... hmmm anyway here are a few more colourful episodes!

Garden.....  Most of my plants have to compete with the beauty of the old stone walls clad in lichens!

The chooks have enjoyed the warm weather, stretching out their wings to soak up the sun....

Or rootling among the grass

Button also likes being out and about too, of course....

And who knows what one might meet out and about!

A hedgehog.... A very small hedgehog it has to be said.  It's been living in the shrubbery.  I'm a bit concerned that it's out during the day.  Especially as we have had enough rain for there to be lots of slugs and snails about.  There are small bowls of water around for the resident hogs at Sandside (sometimes three or so), and I put this one back in the shrubbery and gave it some cat food too. Fingers crossed it survives.   

Though hedgehogs can be controversial on islands as they will eat the eggs of ground nesting birds. I don't think the population is large on our island - though it's hard to tell really!   There was an eradication program in the Western Isles around 2017 as they were predating the eggs of ground nesting birds.  They were introduced there, it's thought in the 1970s.  Not really sure of the situation in Orkney.  Probably unlikely to be indigenous either. 

I had to splash out on a new ride on mower recently, as my beloved old John Deere finally bit the dust - er literrally.  I now have a Stiga big yellow machine.    I call it Bumble as it's the colour of a bumblebee, though it looks a tad more menacing and is probably a hornet or wasp! 

However, maybe I needn't have bothered!!  Some escapees from a neighbouring flock took up residence on the grass at the front of the house last week!

Wanting to share breakfast?

The hens join in.....

Hay and silage cutting time for some....

Sandside on the left....

Hoy High lighthouse, and Sandside with the Hoy Hills in the background....

And then there are the sunsets..... all photos taken from the back door!! 

Sunday, 10 July 2022

Not always sunny.....


Keeping it real  - it's not always sunny on Graemsay! Here are some photos with moody skies...

Ward Hill and Moaness on Hoy

Ward Hill

Sandside Bay, Hoy High lighthouse, Sandside.

Scarratain with traditional grass roof for insulation.

The old sail house at the bottom of Windbreck brae, looking across to the Orphir shore.

Monday, 13 June 2022

A tour around the island......


I took a ride round the island on my trike last week when we had some lovely warm days and proper sunshine!  Photo above, cows and calves enjoying the warm sunshine in a field above Hoy High lighthouse.  Stromness in the background.  The white patches in front of the cattle are daisies in the field.

Old croft of Moan down by the pier....

Lichen hugging a fence post....

Two cheeky lambs, probably up to no good!

The rest of the flock.  Hoy hills in the background

Moan from the top of the hill

Down hill all the way home!

Freewheeling!  Hamnavoe ferry heading into Stromness harbour.

Closer view of those cows and calves...

Round the West of the island, looking over to Hoy

Heading East again, looking towards Hoy High lighthouse, Sandside and across the water the hills of Orphir

The old quarry

Sandside Bay


Button not best pleased I wasn't there to open the door for her (she has a cat flap round the back of the house but why use it when you have a human to open doors for you... or not...)

Chickens having a rootle!