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Thursday 31 August 2023

A wander about...


The weather was lovely while I was poorly with Covid. And after a few days I was able to wander about the house and up to the dunes where it is usually pretty quiet in the evening.  During the day it's a favourite haunt of dog walkers, families on the beach and visitors.  But in the evening, although there may be a few camper vans in the nearby carpark or the odd tent among the dunes, it is generally peaceful and I have it to myself. Here are a few photos from my wanderings....

Overlooking St Peter's Pool

At Dingieshowe, looking out to the island of Copinsay.

And just to show it isn't ALWAYS sunny.... a dreich day... and yes that's a bleached rib of a whale by the gabions.  And the road the other side of the wall.

I love teasels, as do the bees!

And finally, Madam Button in an existential ennui....


  1. Thanks for the time and effort you've put into this blog

  2. It all looks so ideal...I love that no one lives too close to us, but your views look spectacular...not a house for as far as you can see. That is perfection for me!

  3. So glad you're up and about and able to enjoy your new surroundings.