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Wednesday 30 August 2023

Well that was interesting!


The last few posts were "scheduled" after I had a burst of blogging mojo.  Just as well as for the last 10 days I've had Covid.  Fortunately for me a fairly mild dose, and my GP was on the ball with extra meds in case my asthma deteroirated (it didn't).  Just left with the feeling of fatigue but taking things slowly.

During my incarceration (because a) I didn't feel well enough to go out and about and b) when I did I am aware there are many clinically vulnerable folk in the community and didn't want to spread the virus) I sat and read, listened to music and did a jigsaw puzzle.  Mostly I sat in what I euphemistically call "The Sea Room" as it overlooks St Peter's Pool.  I took daily photos as the weather was mostly lovely (typical when I couldn't get out!) and the cloudscapes and sunsets were amazing.  Summer is coming to a close now and the sun is moving round towards it's autumnal/winter position.  But for now I enjoy watching the evening light from the comfy sofa in the Sea Room.  So here are a few photos of the last week.  

First the sunsets....

Cloudscapes.... smoke signals? Space ships?  Nah - Lenticular clouds...

And yes, of course Button was "looking after me" ahem....  


  1. Well you certainly made the most of your convalescence! Covid is odd inasmuch as it doesn't seem to follow a pattern - I have an elderly customer who had asthma, got covid before the jabs came in, and wasn't too bad. My friend who is amazingly fit got it and reckoned two days disappeared out of his life. Pleased you're well.

  2. Spectaculat sunsets and clouds!

  3. Thanks again for your beautiful photos.

  4. Love those clouds!