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Friday 20 October 2023

Storm Babet....


Courtesy of Graham Campbell

Despite gale force winds in Orkney we appear to have escaped (so far) the flooding that is seen across other parts of Scotland and indeed England and Ireland.  Gusts were over 70mph and the seas have been huge.  All ferries to Scotland and the islands have been cancelled but planes have still been flying - hmm wouldn't fancy being on them!  

These photos were taken by Graham Campbell, a local chap who loves being out and about and taking photos of wildlife and scenery.

Photo courtesy of Graham Campbell

Photo courtesy of Graham Campbell

I have been cosily hunkered down in my wee hobbit house.  I've been out to fee the garage boys, Ronnie and Reggie, though being semi-feral they are happy to go out and about and shelter in the grass. 

Ronnie is hard core and out demanding breakfast despite a 53mph gale...

His brother Reggie stays tucked up in the garage until I appear....

Button prefers to stay indoors now anyway but does like the window open to "take the air".  Thankfully this is the sheltered side of the house!

The windows are covered in salt so I took the opportunity to take a photo while the window was open, though the sky was blue later when I took the photo of Burton!

The wind starts to die down overnight, and a mere 40mph tomorrow - a good drying day for the washing... hee hee.  Much calmer for a few days after that.  Though I think we get heavy rain then but not to the extent of South.