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Tuesday 20 February 2024

Sun dog!


The sun is out today (ssshhh) and it reminded me to post a picture of the sky last week.  The "halo" around the sun is known as a sun dog - light refracting on ice crystals in the atmosphere.  In the middle is the beginning of a light pillar.  Amazing to see.

PS thanks for the welcome back....

Monday 19 February 2024

It's February!


Just popping in to say all is OK here.  As you can see I lost my blogging mojo over the Winter.  Time will tell whether it will return.  However I've had some kind emails and comments from folk concerned about me and Button so thought I ought to report in!

It's been a tough winter this year weather wise.  Everyone, even experienced Orkney farmers are saying the same.  Constant gales with barely a break, rain, two lots of snow (not that common Orkney), more rain. January felt as though it went on 478 days, whereas February is galloping by.

I struggle in Winter anyway, with low mood, and my lungs really don't like the wind, or damp weather.  Fortunately my wee house is warm and cosy and Button and I have just hunkered down and are awaiting Spring.

Button was unwell in October, November time and I did wonder if she would see Christmas.  However she has rallied, and is her usually demanding, bossy self again.  She is 18 years old, has lost a lot of weight, sleeps a lot, but still has a good quality of life so we take it day by day.

Anyway these are photos from a brief walk to the shore near the house this morning.  A lull in the weather - though I can hear the wind getting up in the chimney again..... ho hum....

The island of Copinsay is peeping round the corner of these cliffs at Dingieshowe.

And some scenic beach photos, among the marram grass.

The wind was catching the tops of the waves.....

Button in her "garden ornament" pose.  Taken recently - she hates the wind, rain, snow etc so spends most of her time snoozing, awaiting Spring... But she pops out on the rare calm, sunny days for some fresh air!

And the Ginger Boys stay snuggled in the barn in their straw beds.  

And look forward to breakfast....

So thanks for your concern.  As I say all ok here.  Hoping to pop back in a few days and post some snow photos!  Bring on Spring!! Please....