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Thursday 24 August 2023

Summer days part 2


We have been fortunate in Orkney to have a reasonable summer.  Pleasantly warm (if you are acclimatised to Orkney!), very dry, few high winds, and lots of sunshine.  And as August progresses so does the farming year with silage being cut, hay being made, and vegetables being harvested.

This year I decided not to grow any vegetables.  I just enjoyed the flowers in my new garden, created by the previous owners.  The sedums were glorious when in flower, they were like snow on top of the gabions.

Bright yellow stars on this sedum....

Malva and scabious growing in pots...

A Scottish thistle!

Not forgetting this precious flower!  Button, I think is showing us the literal translation of being caught between a rock and a hard place. Hee hee!  My little heat seeking cat absorbs warmth wherever she can...

And when awake she ensures she gets my full attention.....

Or sits on the windowsill contemplating life, the universe, and dinner time...

Talking of dinner time.   Ronnie and Reggie guard the door, so I can't slip out without feeding them!



The Boys... bless them!


  1. Love Buttons warm spot outside!

    1. She's very good at finding the warm spots - like most cats! LOL!

  2. So glad you find time to photograph and describe the beautiful and interesting things around you. From the middle of North America, your island world is a wonderful adventure. (The cats aren't bad either.)

    1. Glad you enjoy my photos. Sometimes I think gosh they are awfully repetitive!