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Tuesday 3 January 2017

Old buildings around Sandside

I was out the other day and took some more photos of the old byres around Sandside.  I've used the DistressedFX app again for some effects.  Above old cattle stalls, with manger. You can see this was originally a dwelling house, with the chimney clearly visible.  A house would be built and when it was beyond repair, or a larger one needed, the old one became byres.

Below a blocked off doorway between byres.

Multiple changes have gone on with this wall!

Old cattle stalls

A hole in a door! I love the staples along the top, and the hinge...rusting but still holding.

The recess in the wall may have been part of the dwelling house - or it may just be as a result of the alterations.  These recesses appear higher up in some old houses - they were shelves to keep jugs of water (or beer!) on.  The channels in the floor are as a result of the building being converted to a byre...

This is inside an old barn, which at one time was a mill with a wheel powered by water outside.

More cattle stalls....

There is a fantastic new book out by Keith Allardyce, with stories by Tom Muir - "Silent : a portrait of deserted Orkney Buildings".  I treated myself to a copy for Christmas.

There is an old building from Graemsay in it too - Cott of School....


  1. beautiful photos, I love old and derelict property I cannot get into them anymore the wheelchair objects ro steps and stairs but in spirit I am a warrior searching all disused spaces.

  2. I agree with Don here, can't believe the light in those pictures. You share my fascination for old, desolate and abandoned houses and places. Thank you Sian for sharing this! With you we can make the trip, the visit, the experience even when we can't travel the roads ourselves.

  3. Having just watched the first part of the series on Orkney, I can't help thinking that those ruined buildings are direct descendants of the archaeological treasures of Orkney. Such a feeling of history.

  4. I take it upon myself to inform you that a certain Mr Tense has been prowling around on your beach stealing shells! Whatever next. I certainly hope he doesn't find out it was me that grassed him up.