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Tuesday 24 January 2017

Some links....

Still a bit "under the weather" but getting there.  Meanwhile.... here are a couple of links

This one is a link to Love Scottish Islands and some questions I answered on Graemsay ;-)

Graemsay - Orkney's best kept secret.

And this one about my neighbour Mick, who is our local postie.  Though to be fair, he's Orkney's oldest island postie! NOT Scotland's.

The Graemsay Postman


  1. Hope you are feeling a little better. It was great to read the two links and how you started life on the island.

  2. I hope so to!!!
    What joyous reading, Sian!! That really made my day, you are truelly courageous and blessed to be living in a sight like that. Mick , the Orkney postie, I love it. Thank you!!