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Monday 24 August 2009

Sorry to bore you......

....... but I am just SO pleased with the progress in my walled garden! As you can see in the photo above, the grass seed is beginning to germinate. The recent wet weather combined with still warm temperatures have proved ideal for the grass. It really does resemble a garden now!

This was the garden back in April. Thanks to a lot of hard work on the part of Arthur, who came along with his digger, tractor, plough, harrow, wheelbarrow and lots of shovelling, the garden is finally level.

His wife, Cathy, did the first bit of digging and planted the "tatties", which gave me all the encouragement I needed to start on the veggie border. The grass seed was sown about 2 weeks ago and I finally finished going over it with a roller today (about the only manual labour I've contributed to the levelling!).

I've also now planted some young shrubs, trees and cuttings along another wall, which will hopefully turn into a flower border. It's a bit experimental as, being so close to the shore, it's hard to know how things will survive through the winter with the gales and salt spray. The wall will offer some protection, but the wind in Orkney is fierce and unforgiving. But the shrubs and cuttings have been produced in Orkney from hardy stock so I am hopeful! Once the borders are established I'm hoping to soften the linear lines with curves, but I need to be patient and keep things manageable!

And one of my favourite flowers, "Love in a Mist" has flowered from seed this year. I'll collect the seed again and spread along the other borders so hopefully next year there will the beautiful delicate blue blooms around the garden.


  1. I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now, and thought I'd say a quick hello and let you know how much I love the various photos you post of the scenery and wildlife you encounter.

    I also love the idea of a vegetable border, rather than just a garden. We're still renting, but the day we get our own place, I'll remember that idea. It sounds much more appropriate for the dogs!

  2. Greetings Bringmesunshine! And i hope you do - bring the sunshine that is! LOL! Thanks for stopping by. Glad you like the photos. I'm lucky to have such photogenic scenery around me. Yes I like the veggie border idea too - it makes everything really accessible and also enables me to locate things depending on soil (moist at one end, dryer at the other), some bits more sheltered than others.