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Monday, 17 August 2009

Singing in the rain......

..... well not quite and it's stopped now anyway (both my singing and the rain). But more of that in a minute.

First - family news, my niece, Suzie, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy last week. He had to arrive a little early and weighed in at just over 4 lbs. However all is well and baby Charlie Jack is safely home with his parents. Congratulations to all. And yes, I am, yet again, a Great Auntie.... hopefully in all senses of the word! And my sister, Sally, is a doting granny for the second time. Tee Hee! May you live a long and happy life, Charlie!

so... back to the singing in the rain theme. Well the grass seed was sown in the garden last week, so I was hoping for some rain to soak it in and then some sun to help it germinate. And my wish came true - we had some heavy rain at the end of last week and now the sun has returned. Even when it was raining it was very warm so excellent germination weather. I can already see lots of green heads popping up where the lawn should be. Yes I know.... it's probably weeds but well - who knows..... anyway photo at top is of garden after seed sown and rolled in. As you can see the veggie patch is doing well - oh and the boat in the background is the "Hamnavoe" which sails between Stromness and Scrabster (North of Scotland).

I've been busy harvesting the broad beans - just got another batch ready to freeze. They have been a huge success and I will grow those again next year. The sweet peas seem to grow quicker than I can pick them - but I do love the smell of them wafting around the kitchen first thing in the morning. Have munched my way through peas - though not a good enough crop to freeze. And there are tiny courgettes growing - ah bless. Potatoes still to lift, plus onions and remaining carrots. So a good first year and I am now enthused to extend the patch next year!

Anyway summer moves on - all the local agricultural shows are over now, and the weather was glorious for all of them which is great after the last couple of years of poor weather. Farmers are busy gathering in winter fodder, which on Graemsay is mainly silage, haylage and hay. Although on the mainland more barley has been sown this year. Apparently as it was such a good spring farmers decided to sow extra fields of barley this year.

The hens are laying well. I have had to exercise a little discipline as the girls were laying in the barn with no hope of me getting to the eggs. So now they are shut in until about 11.30am. They have access to food and water and a large hen house so it's not much of a hardship - though they will tell you otherwise! However at least I am getting two eggs a day - but one hen must sit with her legs crossed as she refuses to lay in the henny house and rushes out when I open to door and disappears with great haste into the barn. Oh well - two eggs a day isn't bad from 3 hens...... must increase the flock soon though. Hmmm does 3 constitute a "flock" I wonder?


  1. Congratulations! I think being an aunt is the best - more of the fun and less of the responsibility.

    Sounds like a good first crop. Love courgettes (zucchinis) - have you ever eaten the flowers? They are supposed to be very tasty.

  2. Congratulations to you and baby Charlie's family!

    Oh lucky you and the luxury of enjoying rain doing the right thing. And your garden’s such a success too - how wonderful, you must be pleased.
    Enjoyed catching up on your posts. Sorry my visits are so spasmodic this summer - we’ve just had the French contingent of family over for the last two weeks. Things should begin to calm down…soon!

  3. VioletSky - Yes I do like being an Auntie - though I'm a very long-distance one my family all live very far "south". Never tried the flowers though I have heard they are good. I had some pumpkin flowers which looked magnificant but I was curious to see what came of the pumpkins!

    Paula - thanks for the congratulations. I AM thrilled with the garden - though I have to make it quite clear that the bulk of the hard work was done with various tractor bits and pieces and a very good driver (not me!). I have the easy bit of planting and tending the veggies and flowers! LOL! And don't worry about not dropping by - think it's the same for all of us in the summer!