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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Queen's Jubilee Celebrations on Graemsay

We may be a remote Scottish island but we like to party and were happy to join in the celebrations for the Queen's Jubilee this weekend.  Throughout the UK last night beacons were being lit at 10pm with the Queen lighting hers (with a diamond - now that's cool!) at 10.30.

On Graemsay we started off with a party in the hall as we weren't sure what the weather would be like on the day and wanted shelter!  However it was a lovely sunny day so we needn't have worried.

I'd started out the day getting home from the folk festival in time to meet some visitors to Sandside. But that story deserves a post of it's own so I'll leave that to another day.

Our party in the hall started at 8pm with a lovely buffet (with trifle of course)

And, of course, a cake fit for a Queen!  Made by Sandra.  And yes it tasted as good as it looked!

Then it was up to the West Hill, the highest point on the island, where Neil had built the bonfire.  There was some discussion about what time to light it but by the time we had all gathered it was 10pm anyway.  The flames were soon producing quite a heat. Of course being so far North nearing mid-summer, the days are very long - this was a 10pm and it was still light!

Some folk were asking where the bonfire was you!!!

Meanwhile some of the island children were enjoying running around and letting off steam!

We were looking for other beacons around Orkney as many of the parishes and islands were joining in too.
Stromness looked like it had a roaring fire going!

The party went on into the wee small hours. I left just before midnight as I had an early start this morning, with a trip to town.  There were celebrations all weekend in Orkney with tea parties and BBQs. We did better than London with the weather. It was cool but dry, bright and mainly sunny. It was a shame for those in London to be standing in the rain - makes a change for the weather to be better here!!


  1. Oh WOW your beacon was Massive compaired to ours LOL. It was a fun weekend :) x x

  2. And you really know how to party, Sian! Our weather has been fairly awful, but our village held a flower festival and had a special Jubilee service and we watched quite a lot of the festivities on TV.

    Not much time to comment with the grandsons here and a dicky broadband connection (again!) but from your recent posts it looks like you've been having glorious weather, you lucky thing. :-)

  3. Glad you had such a wonderful celebration.

  4. That beacon on Stromness must have been HUGE. Reminds me of that scene from the Lord of the Rings when they light the fires to send messages ...

  5. What fun! We just sat in the chair and watched the BBC. For HOURS.

  6. Your bonfire reminded me of another Queen, Queen Elizabeth I and the Spanish Armada trying to invade.

    Your table of goodies looks wonderful.

    Lil Bit Brit

  7. You folks on your remote little island sure know how to celebrate!

  8. What wonderful celebrations - and weather. And what a great view of the beacon above Stromness. I agree with Sybil (above), the lighting of the chain of Jubilee beacons has been reminding me of the beacons of Gondor in The Lord of the Rings - though the Graemsay beacon looks more like The Wicker Man if you ask me!! ;)

  9. When I saw this photo (before reading the article) it reminded me of the "The Wicker Man" (original not the remake)