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Saturday 2 June 2012

Glorious weather continues....

Well temperatures have dropped but it's still sunny!  Though farmers are desperate for rain to wash fertilizer into the fields and to help crops grow.  But I'm making the most of the lovely weather!  Last Saturday there were 16.2 hours of sunshine and temperatures reached 24 degrees C (76 F).

Above - photo of the "Hamnavoe" boat sailing out of Stromness on it's way to Scrabster on the Scottish Mainland, with Stromness in the background.

And here you can see Graemsay with Hoy High lighthouse!

Last weekend I went for a short walk "up the road". It was just glorious in the warm sun.

The house with Stromness in the background.

Sheep wondering what on earth I am doing... the lambs are growing fast now.

Lesser celandine growing in the ditch.

Looking across the turquoise entrance to Scapa Flow to the West Mainland of Orkney.

The ruined croft of Moan, with a scarecrow in the field! The scarecrow was to ward off crows and the like when the sheep and young lambs were in the field.


  1. nice to see than the sun is still there , hope it will be the same in july :)

  2. I love where you live.

    It's interesting how one is attracted to a place they've never been. In all the world the Orkney Islands would be at the top of my list ...

    Thanks for taking me for a lovely walk Sian.

  3. Glorious photos on a gloriously sunny day ... one to remember I suspect:)