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Sunday, 13 August 2017

A trip to Stromness

The other week on a trip on the ferry to Stromness it was such a glorious day that I took some photos of our "sail".  So here are a few, starting from Graemsay of course..... Above Hoy High lighthouse on Graemsay and the Hoy Hills (on Hoy) behind.

Hoy High lighthouse and Sandside.... wave to Button....who was still asleep in bed!

Sailing away....

Looking towards the Kame of Hoy

Coming into Stromness.  The Ness Campsite looking busy....

This is known as "The Old Lighthouse Pier" - this used to be used by the Northern Lighthouse Board for maintenance to the many lighthouses in Orkney.  It's still in use by the renewables industry and maybe a bit by the Northern Lighthouse Board but no so much now. To the right is "The Red Shed" which was the old lifeboat house.  The lifeboat is now moored near the pier - easier access etc.

Next bit along the shorefront in Stromness.  All the houses here have access to the piers, some their own pier, some shared.  And in the past the houses on the other side of the road (hidden from view) would have had right of use of a pier too.

The "little red shed" is actually part of a new build house on the front.  I like it - it mimics the old industrial buildings.  The spire is an old church, now called The Town Hall, and is a multi-purpose space for concerts, plays etc and is also used by the Stromness Baptist church.  The building behind the spire is the Old Stromness Academy (secondary school), split into various business units now including again those for renewable energy. And behind that Brinkies Brae (hill), the highest point above Stromness.

Bit of a panorama......

Coming in closer to the shore now....

Another fuller panorama for you......

And finally, having docked and heading into town..... the Pier Arts Centre, the Navigational School, and beyond, the Hoy Hills.

Hope you enjoyed the journey - only took us 20 minutes!  Time for tea and cake now maybe?


  1. Thanks for that looks like a superb place. Must visit, regards, Mark.

  2. How lovely! We stay in Stromness, next-door-but-one, to the old lifeboat shed, when we come up each year. Hopefully this will be the last year that we simply come to visit, as we have decided to move up to Orkney :) Our daughter lives in Kirkwall but we much prefer Stromness, so are now on the lookout for a suitable house ~ very exciting but also pretty nerve-wracking too LOL