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Saturday 26 August 2017

Summer along the shore

Yikes! Nearly the end of August!  I've been busy with some extra work, visitors, and various summer activities.  So like many, blogging goes by the wayside.  But the evenings are drawing in now (sunset tonight is 8.30pm) so I'll have more time to share photos and stuff.

So here are just a few shots of a beautiful still day in early August on the beach at Sandside. Above is a panorama, it distorts the actual landscape but I love the images it creates of the big sky, clouds and hills etc.

Want to take a dip?!

This old wooden boat was sadly burned on the shore a few years ago.  Nature softens her scars.

I just love the big skies and clouds!

The clouds are dancing behind the Hoy hills!

Be back soon I promise!


  1. Such beautiful skies, a real delight to visit.

    1. Thank you. I so love the big skies as you can tell!

  2. So pristine. Gorgeous. Did I read that right, there are just 23 people on your island? Sounds quiet....and wonderful!