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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

A film around Orkney

This film was made by Ewan Dunsmuir, an Orcadian originally from Stromness, but now living in New Zealand.  He came home last year for the sad occasion of saying a last goodbye to his mother.  While he was here he made this poignant film and is happy for me to share it.  As he said "Orkney is for sharing".

The film is about 18 minutes long, so make a cuppa and enjoy.....


  1. Lovely film. My father was stationed there during the war and enjoyed his posting. I've yet to get there.

  2. Thank you!! Absolutely beautiful. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes.

  3. I'm hoping to visit the island this summer. One of my ancestors came over to build the lighthouse and stayed, marrying a local girl. How easy is it to walk around the island? Is hiring bikes a good idea? And are there any "facilities" at all? Love reading about Graemsay - thanks

    1. Hi Alison - email me on Yes the island is easy to walk around. Though there are not many "facilities". The area around the lighthouses is in private ownership but I can put you in touch with one of the residents so you can get to the base of the lighthouse. Unfortunately you won't be able to climb it! Sian

    2. Thanks - have sent you email