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Sunday, 4 February 2018

February and the sun is shining!

Whoo hooo! It was a joy to be outdoors today. It was a cold and frosty morning but the sun was shining and NO wind!  I've been battling a virus for the last week and today was the first day I felt "human" again.  I didn't have enough energy for a walk but it was lovely standing in the sunshine drinking and cup of tea and seeing Button and the hens enjoying the sun - and there was even some warmth in those rays! I think I can believe Spring will come again now....

A bit of a panorama. There was a slight mist hanging over the land in the morning....

And the hens enjoyed being out in the sun rootling about too.

And Button just LOVED the sunshine!!

And all the girls were out today.....

The weather has been lovely for a couple of days now.  Here are some pix from Friday....

Looking over to Sandside from Garson.

There was a gale last week and I now need to clean the salt covered windows!!

And Button didn't want wet paws so she enjoyed the sun from the doorway....

And of course some lovely late afternoon skies as the sunset.....


  1. It was indeed a gorgeous day yesterday! I was walking around our new front garden and realised that a bench will be perfect for days like that, put up against our sun porch :) It will be lovely to sit there, soaking up the sun's warmth

  2. It was a beautiful day here too. My windows are in dire need of cleaning too its on the never ending list of jobs to do.

  3. Hello,just found your blog.What a wonderful place to live.Love Button and the hens.