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Monday, 25 February 2008

Rain, rain go away...

There was some respite from the gales today. This morning I awoke and wondered what was wrong….. then I realised the wind was no longer screaming like a banshee around the eves of the house. Ah – the silence was bliss. But it was short lived and as I type the wind is rising again. And it has been raining heavily all day. And my usual view of Stromness is obscured by the mist. Oh well – it is still only February……

Today is the sort of day I am happy to have my head down concentrating on work. Though today has been somewhat challenging. I work as a health researcher and at the moment a lot of my work involves writing structured abstracts and appraisals of other people’s research. However last year I was working on my own research project, and our team are currently trying to get this research published in a journal. So our research has gone out to be scrutinised by peer-reviewers and today I was dealing with their comments. It’s my least favourite part of the job as I hate revisiting a project I think closed, particularly once I’ve moved on to other things. But it’s all part of the job.

Broadband access (ADSL) has certainly made a huge difference to life on an island. I can be in regular contact with work colleagues or friends around the globe through email or using Skype (internet video and voice phone). I have quite a reasonable connection as I am fairly near to the box of tricks that is the island telephone exchange (a green box at the end of my driveway - see photo).

Because I use my computer for work I tend not to use it for “play” much. However I have got quite addicted to the “listen again” features for radio programmes – particularly the local Radio Orkney programme which is usually broadcast at 7.30 am when I am still in the depths of sleep! And now the BBC through iPlayer allows you to download TV programmes too I can catch up on the few bits of TV I missed and wished I hadn’t. And yes I know I have a video recorder but it makes up its own mind what to record and I have very little say in the matter. At least my computer lets me choose!

I’m also a huge fan of online shopping too. Though I am probably the only person left in the UK that hasn’t got into eBay. This is partly because I know once I do get into it I shall be doomed to spend all my time and energy chasing “bargains”! I shall resist for a while longer. No, really I will. I can resist anything but chocolate... and cake…

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