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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Catching up....

Had visitors all last week and have been catching up on work since. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some photos from around Orkney taken by my guests sometime soon.

The weather has been very changeable with some dry parts of the day but showers during other parts. The farmers on the island are busy trying to cut and bale silage while the weather holds so the hum of farm machinery fills the air.

Over in Stromness it is “Shopping Week”, a gala week with various events taking place and on Saturday a parade, finishing with an open-air dance at the pier head and fireworks. I may go over on Saturday, depending on the weather, although I do get a very good view of the fireworks from the conservatory.

My “town” car has been off the road for a couple of weeks needing a new spring (something to do with the suspension rather than the season….). I had to ring around and finally found a supplier in Inverness. The part has just arrived in Orkney so hopefully my car will be back on the road again soon.

Last week my visitors hired a car locally, and if my car isn’t easily fixable I may hire it next week to take Fitzi-cat to the vet for a check over again. His pills have certainly perked him up and he is eating better but I think is still losing weight. Still he is happy in himself and enjoys going out into the sunshine (when there is any!). And he pretends to hunt in the byre too!

The road-men have finished working on the “main road” in Graemsay. Their trucks went off on the Hoy Head on Saturday ( see my neighbour, Mick’s, website for pictures, The trucks were too heavy for our own ferry to take off so the ro-ro ferry that usually serves Hoy was brought up to remove the vehicles. The road certainly looks good now it has been freshly tarred.

Here’s a picture of Stromness Harbour taken one evening recently – I know the focal point is a bit off but I just love the stillness of the water!

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