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Saturday 14 September 2013

Calm before the storm?

Late Summer poppies in the garden
Today was a lovely warm and sunny day. One of those late summer days that are so special.  Autumn is knocking on the door, telling Summer to be on her way. We still hope she can hang on for a few more days, but Autumn is giving us a blast of HER weather tomorrow.....

Top of the UK is Orkney! The bit in RED...

But for today I enjoyed the sunshine with.... Button of course! Here she is snoozing in the sunshine while I work, planting Spring bulbs.....

And of course the hens are never far away. Mrs Chooky hen was abroad with her wee brood today. All seven of them....

But she doesn't like to keep them out too long and soon it's time to take the "children" home....

The garden has been sadly neglected this year. I've been busy with work, away for a holiday or work, or had visitors.  But though my veg patch failed due to lack of attention, the flowers carried on blooming anyway. Here's a selection that are still blooming today.

Love in a Mist (?)


Daisies transplanted from Beckenham in Kent!

A summer flowering bulb, so pretty

From a wildflower mix. 
Big Blousy Poppies!

Skeletal seedheads of lovage

This border looks sad now - but it's full of seed heads which I leave for the birds, bees and insects. This is how it looked in July.

Meanwhile.... a rainbow danced over Stromness.

A ship sailed out of Stromness harbour....

There was a rain shower over the hills of Hoy....

The kye (cattle) in the field made the most of the benign weather....

And the sea looks calm around Graemsay....for now!


  1. Here's hoping the nasty weather passes you by. Can't believe you still have all those wonderful flowers still blooming there ...

    1. Not as bad as expected, though the wind is getting up again now. Ah well... Autumn has it's time too I suppose....sigh..... The walled garden is quite sheltered so still has some of the more delicate flowers blooming - which I love!

  2. beautiful serie , flowers are beautiful, autumn is on it's way here too , enjoy the last sunny days :)

    1. Thank you! Yes Autumn has her time too, however much I may with to deny her.

  3. Your pictures look like it is still summer. Hope your weather is not as bad as you expect. Fall is right on our doorstep here, but there are still a few flowers blooming. Tuck in and stay dry.

    1. I've been doing my autumn nesting today - baking and sorting out the winter living space. Time to embrace autumn...though I hope some sunny days continue!

  4. Wonderful photos all with lovely clear atmosphere. I prefer autumn especially those few days when we think it will never end.

  5. Your photos are lovely as always, Sian. I do hope you still have a few flowers left after this week's nasty weather.