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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The sandy beach....

And then some days we go for a walk on the sandy beach too.... this is separated by the old stone pier from the shell beach, yet there are very few shells on this one and very little of the coral either. It's as if there are undersea traffic lights - move along there, shells to the left, sand to the right...hee hee...

Of course Button comes along too....

She gets quite close to the sea but likes to keep her paws dry...

I love the ripples in the sand... the memory of the sea....

And the pattern made by the water running off the land and down to the sea....

Over towards Hoy

And of course there is time for paddling - for me, NOT Button....

And the waves rush in....

Then time to walk back home to warm up.  The crocus have survived the wind, which is amazing given how delicate they look....

And the old elder tree that has been hear since before the 1950s is starting to come into leaf again...

And the lupins are appearing again! Oooh hope the frost doesn't get them....

Button decided to try being a tree hugger..... she actually climbed this willow tree and then fell out of it. She, of course, was highly embarrassed and ran off into the garden to recover her dignity.

The mini daffs are looking so bright and perky just now...

And while the sun shines, one of the hens decides it's time to take a dust bath!


  1. I always enjoy your pictures. I'm also grasping for a hint of spring, even if it is on your island. I have a book on our Sable Island, and the sand pictures made by wind and waves are so beautiful, and strange. Thanks for your pictures.

    1. Hope Spring is heading your way? It's in fits and starts here. Some lovely days then wet and windy again. But at least some of the spring flowers are in bloom. Oh yes I just love the images the wind and waves can leave behind.

  2. Your spring flowers are so much further ahead than ours, Sian. I love the water patterns in the sand and the sight of Madam Button, mistress of all she surveys. :-)

    1. I'm surprised that my flowers are further ahead. I spoke to someone in Warwickshire last week and they had one lone tulip open. I've got quite a lot of daffs and some tulips out already, plus some other spring flowers making an appearance.

  3. Oh what a life for your cat, your "chooks" and you !

    1. Yes I know. We are all very lucky :-)

  4. Spring!! What a concept! Still Winter here..I love your wild flowers; they are beautiful.
    the pix you took of the sand & water are brilliant! I love the 'memory of the dea' line...that is so are very poetic...then again living in "Eden" would make me poetic too... ;)
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xoxo
    P. S.: We hope Button recovered her dignity also. :)

    1. Hmm sometimes when I have space enough I feel quite creative. Other times a bit blocked. But there is so much inspriation around I don't have to search too far for it. Yes Princess Button is fine thanks, though she appreciates all the sympathy because she didn't get much from me. Hee Hee!