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Thursday, 10 July 2014


Simmerdim is the short time between sunset and sunrise in mid-summer.  This is what it looks like through bleary eyes at 2am...... (thank you Button for this experience)..... Best I could do as I couldn't see the settings on my camera!  The tall blobby thing is Hoy High Lighthouse :-)


  1. I have never heard fo the term Simmerdim & am so glad I popped over to read your blog! I am glad Button woke you up...well sort of ...she just wanted to show you such a beautiful sight ;) or else see if she could get some more food....(that would be Nylablue's train of thought...)
    Hoping you are having a lovely Summer there; ours has been lovely so far in this part of Canada. Not too hot & little humidity & lots of Sun...PERFECT!
    Regards, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too

  2. I collect words I consider delicious so thank you for sharing Simmerdim with me; I will write it down on my list. I wrote a recent blog post listing some favorite words and Simmerdim will be in my next post about words.

    1. I love the term Simmerdim. It's used more in Shetland than in Orkney, but I like to use it.... it has a lovely tone to it....

  3. Yes Button fancied a little light breakfast! Or maybe it was supper.... I forget... I DID enjoy the view but I also love my sleep :-) I think "Simmerdim" is a norse word (viking). Summer weather here is a bit average but it's been lovely these last few days, warm and sunny so I'll not complain (too loudly anyway!).