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Thursday 8 January 2015

Approaching storm....

A pre-storm rainbow
Today was just a regular Orkney winter day - windy. Nothing exceptional. But all over the island folk were making preparations for the storm force winds expected tonight. Farmers will still have to go out in the storm force winds to tend to the cattle in the byres.  As I write this (10.45pm) I can hear the wind is getting up outside.  I have the camping lantern and battery radio ready, duvet downstairs so I can sleep on the sofa (quieter than upstairs where it will rage through old chimney spaces and the vents in the loft).

Facebook and local networks were warning of ferry cancellations tomorrow and maybe Saturday. Schools are closed to pupils tomorrow. Though many folk will still have to try and get to work. However the first storm is expected to pass by mid-day tomorrow, and we have some respite before the second storm arrives on Saturday.

I was out giving the hens extra rations before it got dark this afternoon. And I gave Charlie the barn cat a whole tin of food plus some biscuits in his usual place. He was nowhere to be seen but if he's hungry he'll find it!  I'm not planning on surfacing till this first storm passes!  Button has been out to do "the necessary" earlier today so I'm hoping she can cross her legs till tomorrow lunch time!

The chickens should hopefully be OK. The roof of their henny house is well tied down and there are some stone slabs on top of it too.

Their hatch in the door is always left open and as the wind is from behind the hen house I'll leave it like that.  They'll stay put if it's too windy anyway.

There were hail showers coming in this morning....

And the lighthouse looked quite dramatic, lit by the rising sun

and the other half of the rainbow

Sun rising above the garden dyke (wall)

Up at the house the heating oil had been delivered by a neighbour so at least I will be warm - as long as power stays on!

Um yes both the pole to the left and the one to the right are slanting!!  The pole on the left is our telephone network (as well as the green box).  The dish is a microwave link from Stromness. Yes it's next to my house - it probably fries my brain - but who would know! Ha!  So I'm hoping that stands the storm.  And the pole on the right is the electricity cable - all overground on the island. Again - hoping that survives the storm.  Given there won't be a ferry tomorrow anything that goes off will probably have to wait till the storms clear.... crossing all crossables (yes including eyes!).

Meanwhile - the cat flap is also "battened".  Though the direction of the wind will be more on the other end of the house all precautions are taken.

And speaking of the cat... I mentioned bringing a spare duvet into the sitting room to sleep downstairs.... um...that is if Madam Button allows!

And out on the West Mainland of Orkney today some magnificent pre-storm waves. This photo was taken by Anne Flint.

See you on the other side of the storm!!


  1. Lovely pictures. Hope the poles stay standing. It's even getting a bit blowy here in Arbroath.

  2. Stay safe too! Actually often more damage is done in less rural areas as more stuff and debris to blow around!

  3. Wind definitely getting up on Stronsay. Surrey is hunkered down in the spare room downstairs. Stay safe

    1. We all made it through!! Though I think there are more without phones than before.... Surrey has the right idea...

  4. Stay safe on Stronsay too Bruce! Surrey has the right idea! Button is "what's with this sleeping on MY sofa"? - not sure she'll settle for a while.. sigh...

  5. Was thinking of you this morning after listening to the weather report. Hope the night passed OK and you still have your electricity.

  6. The bad weather, storms are all over the news here. Stay safe.

  7. Having seen the post-storm photos on FB, it's interesting to see the pre-storm ones. Glad you survived unscathed.