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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

A wander along the shore......

As I said in yesterday's blog post, these photos were taken back in January a couple of days after a gale.  But too good not to share the lovely blue skies, so here they are at the beginning of February! Above photo is of one of the Hoy Hills behind Graemsay.  It's a very low tide as you can see by the rocks.

Down on the shell beach, the natural pool is quite low by the pier.....

And of course Button has to photo bomb most of my photos.....

Wispy clouds over the old buildings.....

Blue sky over the Hoy Hills

The tide is a loooong way out.  I could almost walk to Stromness!

The Hoy High light poking it's head above the shoreline

The remains of a sea urchin shell among the seaweed

Button scans the horizon for things of interest to HER!

Nice pose Button....

I love the highlighted buildings and old farm machinery.  Interesting clouds too...

So still and calm

The old sail shed above the boat noust (where the old boats were pulled up above the tide).

Blue sky above "home"

Button decides she'd rather go for a wander on the other beach instead of coming home with me!

Cloud rolling down the Hoy Hills, behind the old school.  The green building is our Community Hall, the scene of many a party!

And in the garden the miniature daffodils are blooming already!


  1. Beautiful blue sky Sian. Haven't seen anything that blue here for quite a while now. Mostly grey sky. Way to go Button, with your photo bomb, and majestic pose as you look over your beautiful kingdom. Daffodils already - wow. Great post. Thanks for pictures of my favourite place.

    1. I hate the grey skies. We get a lot of those too. But fortunately quite a few blue ones this winter which helps a lot!

  2. Well, you have beaten me, for my miniature daffodils have yet to bloom.

    1. I'm surprised mine were out so early - end January!

  3. My daffodils are blooming here in West Texas. I cut six of them for a vase on my kitchen table. Our weather is unseasonably warm which is not good as it makes plants come out too soon and then be in danger of freezing. It is forecast to be 85F (30C) on Sat. the 11th Feb.

    1. Yes it is always a concern when things bloom too early as often they get caught out when seasonal weather returns. Um... you are welcome to your 30C!! Way too hot for me!!