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Sunday, 29 October 2017


Well OK technically not until Tuesday, but we celebrated early on Graemsay with out annual party.  Not as many folk went this year as some were unwell and some of the "grandchildren" were away. However, we were a select bunch and had a great time anyway!

There were plenty of witches, werewolves and scary monsters abroad!

After posing for the paparazzi the monsters paraded around the hall scaring us all....

There were skeletons, and vampires....

And a werewolf....

And a very scary - er - corpse princess??

As ever there were games to play..... the eyeball and spoon race to start.... I love that Dracula was so practical and put his cape over his arm to avoid it hindering his speed!

The older monsters took their turn...

Then it was time for adult monsters to take to the floor.  "Fair play" is not a phrase one would use here...  By rights Neil should have won this, but his dear wife, Michelle jogged his arm so his eyeball rolled across the floor and he didn't win.  Never trust a witch!!

Then it was time for the "Eating a donut on the string" game....  First the younger monsters...

Some needed a bit of help....

Onto the adults.  Did I mention cheating.... hmmm...

And onto the Mummy Race.....

And then the Big Reveal!  One Daddy and a stand-in daddy as they were short on the ground on Friday night!

And onto the final game - apple bobbing!  A really traditional Halloween game in the UK. Er.  I was trying to take photos of the "action" and got "hoist by my own petard"....  Haha!

There's a definite knack to apple bobby and older siblings were shouting advice to the youngsters.

It was then time for the telling of a story or joke from the young monsters.... before they got their reward of sweeties!

And then it was time for some supper.....  Head Witch casting her eye over the lovely spread of food.

The MV Graemsay in ghostly form.....

And then the sugar rush and the monsters REALLY took flight!!

 And more mummy's in the making!


  1. Now that is what I call a party. Looks like a good time was had by all.

    1. Oh yes, though we were a small number we certainly all enjoyed ourselves!

  2. How lovely that a small group of neighbours and friends can have what looks like such marvellous fun!

  3. What a wonderful lessor we have all to enjoy life wherever it be!

  4. You folks always have a good time at your parties. Looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes - we really missed Irene, but we had fun with all the games she had prepared.