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Sunday 26 April 2020

An evening walk to the shore....

Golden sand on Sandside beach
This was actually last weekend but I just needed a break from the laptop, online stuff etc so afraid I didn't post it then!

Anyway, here we are at the end of April and still in lockdown.  Life for me is much as it was in that I work from home anyway.  The difference is no forays to Stromness or other places on the Orkney Mainland to meet up with pals etc on days off, no standing chatting to neighbours, or inviting them in for a coffee when they deliver parcels.  Now it's shouting down the length of the driveway. Fortunately not too windy to carry the words off. Ha! 

Anyway when all seems quiet (busy time for farmers with lambing and calving so folk out and about with tractors etc) I head off to the shore with Button.  This was a beautiful calm night...  so here are the pix...

MV Hamnavoe sailing in from the Scottish Mainland - only keyworkers or island residents are allowed to travel on the ferries.  Cargo, of course, is coming in all the time to keep the shops supplied.

Tide was out...

Old byres....

Creels to catch partans (crabs)

Button having a rest!! She loves rolling on the shell sand... maybe it's a bit like using a loofah?

The Hoy hills getting ready to hide under the duvet of cloud....

Old buildings and machinery teetering on the shore...

Night sun! Come back tomorrow (it did).

Fancy a swim - private pool - bit chilly but lovely (apparently)

Stromness and West Mainland... so near and yet so far.... especially in lockdown!

Button enjoys "taking the air"....

Panorama (click to see it enlarged)...

And now for some ewes and lambs!  I love it when the young lambs start to play in little gangs and race around the field together!

Mums checking I'm not going to steal their lambs! I wouldn't argue with them!!

Evening sky over the garden

And here is a very short video - turn the sound up.  Birds calling and the waves on the shore...

I am SO fortunate to live in this beautiful place during lockdown.  That does make life much easier and calmer for me.  That doesn't mean it's not without challenges, but I wouldn't choose to be anywhere else right now.....

Stay safe and well wherever you are.


  1. You are fortunate to live in such a beautiful place... and of course it's not without challenges. Truth be told, as awful as this pandemic is, nature seems to be doing just fine... maybe more beautiful than ever.

    1. Yes I have to agree with you there....

  2. Yes living in a scenic place does make it much easier, we are so pleased to be out of Cardiff.
    The light is your pictures is beautiful.

  3. Such beautiful pictures. Like you I feel blessed to be living surrounded by such beauty. Take care.

  4. Beautiful pictures! :-)
    Are you telling me in normal times you invite parcel delivery people in for a cup of coffee? Wow. Over here they get nervous if you don't sign the receipt quick enough. It feels like they are in and out in 2 seconds, much under time pressure the poor guys.
    Greetings from Germany!