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Thursday 6 May 2021

Adventuring round Orkney Part 2 - Birsay, the village


This burn runs through the village at Birsay. The day I was there, sand martins were flitting over the water.  

The village is small, it has a local shop/post office, plus petrol pumps, a kirk, artist's gallery just outside the village and a tea room.  What more is needed!  

The important bit - coffee cake and tea.  At Birsay Bay Tea Rooms.  Even before Covid regulations it was necessary to book as it was so popular!

Love their lighting too - and the decor...

And just down the road this lovely old stone bridge (with those sand martins again)

With a lovely walk alongside - we thought the sand martins were perhaps nesting along the bank here

The burn leads out to the sea....

The St Magnus Way also has a section through Birsay with waymarkers.  Worth doing even if you don't with to be a pilgrim!

On the outskirts of the village there was a small flock of horned sheep (yes there was more than one otherwise it might just be a flick of horned sheep?)

And also on the edge of the village is the Earl's palace (16th Century ruin) I mentioned in yesterday's post

Fireplaces everywhere!  Well it can be chilly in Orkney in Winter... and Summer.... and Autumn....and Spring...

In the absence of trees.....

Hmmm a bit precarious?

And through the round window - well it's not a window. Not quite sure what it was really? Several of them around (no pun intended!)


  1. Your photos do give us a feeling of having had an outing ourselves. I've not yet ventured out much, so thank you! It looks like you were fortunate with your weather that day.