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Wednesday 29 December 2021

So..... back at the end of November.....


Photo by Charlie Groundwater over in Stromness

.... we had snow!  It's unusual for Orkney to get much in the way of snow.  This is largely due to us being in the Gulf stream.  As you will see from these photos, even when there is a layer of snow over Orkney - Graemsay remains resolutely green!  This is much to the disappointment of anyone wanting to go sledging.  Most of the children grow up not getting much opportunity to make snow creatures, snowball fights or sledge.  Instead of snow, our Winter is characterised by wind (lots) and/or rain (lots).  Today we have both wind and rain...... so.... a reminder of brighter days!

The photo above shows lots of snow being dumped in the vicinity of (but not on) Graemsay.  This picture was taken by Charlie Groundwater who goes on a daily morning walk around Stromness and the shore with his camera.  He gets some lovely shots and is happy for me to share them.

When we can, Button and I like to take morning tea (well ok that bit is just me) on the bench outside the front door.  So despite snow on hills, there we were....

Earlier in the morning - a sprinkle of snow on the grass.

Sun rising over Windbreck hill

Meanwhile down at the hen house - snow over the Orkney Mainland...

Looking towards Stromness

Stromness under a blanket of cloud and snow....

The Hoy Hills looking glorious!

Looking across Sandside bay - Community hall, and Hoy Hills

Sheep may safely graze....

These cattle have been moved into the sheds now for winter.....

Snowy over in Orphir....

Looking over the Graemsay post office to Orphir

Button is indoors keeping her paws warm with the underfloor heating, and the hens in their wee house also keeping snug with lots of hay to scratch about in, water and food.


  1. Some good snow scenes, God help us if the Gulf Stream changes!. I have just re read your story of renovations. It was a brave move, but you certainly have a unique and beautiful house.

    1. Thanks, Dave. It still has its challenges but I love living here. Though the Winters I get a bit grumpy about it.

  2. Wow! Beautiful pictures Sian!! It must be amazing to be surrounded by so much beauty daily!! You are blessed like my parents with a beautiful place to live!! The hens look super snug and happy!

    1. It has certainly helped me with the pandemic to be living in such a beautiful place!

  3. Your clouds are beautiful and dramatic. I think your islands have some incredible skies, and they are very photogenic. No snow here in California. Except Christmas Eve our church surprised us with a snow machine, lots of fun to play in the snow. Happy New Year.

    1. Ha I have friends who live in California and I sometimes envy the climate - but not when it gets toooooo hot! Yes I love our big skies here!