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Monday 20 February 2023

Around the parish - part 1


My new home is in the parish of Deerness.  It's very much a farming community, has a Community Hall where various events are held, and a shop.  There are a few special sites of interest around but it's a quieter part of the Orkney Mainland, not frequented much by the various holiday bus tours, or visitors.  It's a great place if you love walks, natural history etc.

So - this is Newark Bay.  It's a lovely sweeping bay with an easily walkable footpath around it's edge as well as easy to get onto the sandy beach.  Popular with wild swimmers whatever the season!

At one end of the bay is some archaeology that is in danger of falling into the sea.  It includes an early medieval burial ground, a 10th Century chapel, a 16th Century Laird's house, a prehistoric Souterrain, and a Pictish carved stone was found (link to info about the stone).


  1. Looks like you've considered your location really well. There is a Newark just down the road from us in Lincoln, maybe some connection there.

    1. Maybe there is. Yup location was a huge consideration in house hunting. More so than the house! I knew I could make most houses work for me as long as they were light and bright, and in the right location.