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Friday 12 May 2023

Closer to home....


Closer to home and back in Deerness now.

Looking over St Peter's Pool

The house sits in an acre of very rough ground so wild flowers are popping up this Spring.  This photo was a few weeks ago - Celendines, no sadly gone over.

Still lots of primroses around though!

There are two what might loosely be called "flower beds" outside the house.  One I will let revert to the wild, and have scattered lots of wildflower seed (Scottish/Orcadian mix).  The other already has some wild flowers, and a few perennials too.  I have added a few perennials at the front.  As you can see there is nothing to protect it from the wind and salt off the sea!  So I shall see how it goes.

And Madam Button is doing well and has settled in.  She's on new medication for her arthritis is proving effective and she has a spring in her step again!  The new "catio" is in place using former chicken fencing (shhh don't tell her). She seems quite happy with the space.

And not forgetting the garage boys, Ronnie and Reggie....

Earlier this year we had a really cold spell so I put some straw into a couple of boxes, one each for the boys.  Of course they choose to snuggle together sometimes.  Bless them!


  1. Button's new outdoor space is great. I am glad she is doing better. Nice to see the boys cuddled up together.

  2. Lovely views…wondering if you are on Instagram

  3. Hiii, how are things going on there? I have been following your blog throught the years. I always came by to check it how you guys are. It is great to see Button well. Best wishes :)