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Tuesday 25 July 2023

Beach time....


I live between two beaches!  One has the roaring Atlantic shore and the other is a quieter sea water pool.  St Peter's Pool has a huge expanse exposed when the tide goes out.  It's so named as there was a St Peter's Kirk on a site nearby many centuries ago.  It then leads out into Deer Sound.  The shoreline can be treacherous, with deep mud and quicksand.  I just keep to the edge on my wanders.  So here are a few photos of a recent walk along this shore.

Leading to the shore...

Looking across to local farms

One of the views from the house is across St Peter's Pool and there are some lovely sunsets in summer ....


  1. Looks like a fascinating and beautiful area.

  2. Aahh... Just looking at those photos makes me calmer--but deep mud and quicksand do not sound restful! What I wouldn't give to live near the ocean (again)!

  3. Living between two beaches - wow! Other than the quicksand, that sounds wonderful. Such pretty blue skies and lovely sunsets...perfect.

  4. Oh yay - you’re back! Looking forward to hearing more about your life (and Button’s) in your new home. Keep those photos coming!