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Sunday, 12 November 2017

More "weather"....

Graemsay by Viv Rorie
There has been a lot of weather about this last week or so.  Today was cold (3 degrees C), with a chill breeze and heavy hail showers.  Dramatic to watch but not so good for those that have to work out in it, or the beasties in the fields. 

Photo above and the next two below are by Viv Rorie from Stromness who was out on a walk today and caught these dramatic photos of Graemsay! She kindly said I could share them here.  Above - the sun shining down on Graemsay! Specifically Hoy High lighthouse and Sandside.

If you click to enlarge the image you can just see Sandside next to the lightouse.

Lovely ethereal images!

Then today I was alerted by fellow blogger, Imperfect & Tense over on the East Mainland, that the Hamnavoe ferry was sailing "up the Flow".  So I took the opportunity for a few photos.

This is a bit like the "Jaws" movie - we need some of the theme music! Haha!  The Hamnavoe hiding behind Hoy High lighthouse garden wall.

Ah there she blows! 

But the weather changed before it even got to the harbour!

Hoy High looking magnificent as ever..

And Stromness with the Pole Star ship in I think

And then the hail came and the lighthouse and everything disappeared!

And here's another short time-lapse.  This one was from an upstairs window.  I'm still experimenting with views.  Ahem... I know the windows are a tad grubby, but it's salt -honest!

Friday, 10 November 2017

Sun, Hail, Wind....

Yup it's November.... changeable and chilly weather is the order of the day. Changeable as in every few minutes! It is always said of Orkney, if you don't like the weather wait a few minutes and it will change.  That's true even in Summer!  You can imagine what it's like in Autumn/Winter!

Anyway - the photo above wasn't taken today but it could have been with the cloudscapes we've had.

Today I had a play with some time-lapse.  It won't win any prizes but thought I'd share the short (12 second) films anyway.  It shows the changeable weather. Though to be fair it IS speeded up considerably - it doesn't often change THAT quickly....

And on this one you will see the MV Graemsay sailing to the right of the picture as it comes out at 4.15, and as it gets dark you'll see the lights of the larger Hamnavoe ferry sailing out to the left on the way to Scrabster on the Scottish Mainland.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Autumnal sunset and a seal....

Photo by David Sinclair from the MV Graemsay

Yesterday it rained for nearly 24 hours and the wind blew.  Today the rain stopped, the sun came out, and the wind dropped.  This afternoon I decided to head out for some welcome fresh air!

Button seemed quite happy snoozing indoors

As I was on my own I took a slightly longer route this time, along the road to the sandy beach. It looks like my house has a lighthouse on top. Haha!

You can see the "main" road of Graemsay here - single track with no passing places!

Big skies! Big clouds!

Heading back now towards the coral beach. This is looking towards Stromness....

As I walked down the old pier onto the shore I almost stumbled over a seal pup!  The Atlantic Grey Seals are breeding at the moment (you wouldn't think it was the best time of year!).  The pup I saw wasn't a newborn and had lost the white fluffy coat.  But it was still very small.  We startled each other.  It bolted for the sea at remarkable speed.  I headed back up towards the outbuildings as I didn't want to disturb it any more than I already had.  I then got this quick video taken round the corner of one of the buildings.  I'm glad I didn't take Button with me!!

As I headed home the sun was setting behind the Hoy hills.

Heading home...

And then the sky turned orange...

And to round off a lovely day, this evening there was an amazing display of the "Merrie Dancers" (Aurora).  I have yet to capture that on camera so you will have to use your imagination! And in between all this excitement I managed to do some work too!

Sunday, 5 November 2017

"Listening to the piers...."

Stromness Museum have completed a wonderful project about the piers around Stromness.  The website is well worth exploring.  Here's the link to photos and audio "Listening to the piers".  Make a "cuppa", sit down and enjoy!

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

RNLI Longhope Lifeboat Travelling Bazaar!

It's all go at this time of year!  On Sunday we had the RNLI Longhope Lifeboat visit on Sunday with their "Travelling Bazaar".  They have been visiting for a few years now and we try and give them a good welcome.

Coming alongside the pier....

And here is Hector, the lifeboat dog! 

Hoping for a biscuit from his humans.....

Meanwhile coming up the Flow was the Hamnavoe ferry, taking a calmer route after the gales of previous days.

And a creel boat inshore by Graemsay....

Then it was up to the hall where the Ladies Guild set up the tables with raffle prizes, tombola, and sale items.  I bought my Christmas cards!  And lots of raffle tickets. I won some biscuits and a bottle of wine.  And a real delicacy - hand dived scallops.  Unfortunately I'm allergic to them!! Arrgh!  So I handed them back and suggested they auctioned them!!

And then there was Hector!  With Angus his person, and Paula his other person in the background.... and with GIN!

There was tea, coffee and home bakes for everyone of course - this IS Graemsay!  Most of the island folk came along and I heard yesterday that we raised £391.60.  A fantastic amount for such a small community, though I do say so myself!  And a great afternoon was had by all.....

Monday, 30 October 2017

Climbing the Old Man of Hoy!

Noooo not me!!  But a short (3.5 min) film of some brave folk climbing the famous sea stack off Hoy.  Click on this link Old Man of Hoy

Sunday, 29 October 2017


Well OK technically not until Tuesday, but we celebrated early on Graemsay with out annual party.  Not as many folk went this year as some were unwell and some of the "grandchildren" were away. However, we were a select bunch and had a great time anyway!

There were plenty of witches, werewolves and scary monsters abroad!

After posing for the paparazzi the monsters paraded around the hall scaring us all....

There were skeletons, and vampires....

And a werewolf....

And a very scary - er - corpse princess??

As ever there were games to play..... the eyeball and spoon race to start.... I love that Dracula was so practical and put his cape over his arm to avoid it hindering his speed!

The older monsters took their turn...

Then it was time for adult monsters to take to the floor.  "Fair play" is not a phrase one would use here...  By rights Neil should have won this, but his dear wife, Michelle jogged his arm so his eyeball rolled across the floor and he didn't win.  Never trust a witch!!

Then it was time for the "Eating a donut on the string" game....  First the younger monsters...

Some needed a bit of help....

Onto the adults.  Did I mention cheating.... hmmm...

And onto the Mummy Race.....

And then the Big Reveal!  One Daddy and a stand-in daddy as they were short on the ground on Friday night!

And onto the final game - apple bobbing!  A really traditional Halloween game in the UK. Er.  I was trying to take photos of the "action" and got "hoist by my own petard"....  Haha!

There's a definite knack to apple bobby and older siblings were shouting advice to the youngsters.

It was then time for the telling of a story or joke from the young monsters.... before they got their reward of sweeties!

And then it was time for some supper.....  Head Witch casting her eye over the lovely spread of food.

The MV Graemsay in ghostly form.....

And then the sugar rush and the monsters REALLY took flight!!

 And more mummy's in the making!