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Sunday, 14 July 2013

West Coast of Scotland - Acheltibuie and Archnahaird

Over a month after returning from holidaying on the West Coast of Scotland in Acheltibuie and!!  That week we had stunning weather. Sunshine, HEAT - I almost got sunburned! The views were so beautiful.  Unfortunately one of my friends was unwell the whole week, which caused some concern and she missed the lovely weather. But she recovered and went onto Skye so got to enjoy SOME of the lovely scenery in gorgeous weather.

Mostly we pottered around the peninsular admiring mountains from ground level. Walking on what seemed like endless sand in the sunshine.

Archnahaird beach - click to see full size image
We even found a forest to walk through.

The common seals were having pups and I went on a brief boat trip to the Summer Isles, passing quite close to these lovely creatures.

Did I mention sandy beaches??  Honestly some days it felt like we were on a tropical island - OK a cool tropical island....

Ooooh and the mountains..... lots of mountains..... Suilven,  Cul Mor, Cul Beag, Stac Pollaidh, Ben Mor Coigach, Beinn nan Caorach - it runs like a litany through my heart.....

Some even had snow in crevices

Another wonderful panorama - click to enlarge
My personal favourite - maybe because it too has an old crumbling spine! Stac Pollaidh

And then there were islands.... the Summer Isles... (er no NOT the same as in the cult film "The Wicker Man"!)

And, of course, there were sunsets.....

And remote hamlets along the shore of sea and loch....

And even a social evening at the Acheltibuie Community Centre - The Budapest Cafe Orchestra were providing a concert. They had actually performed on the Orkney island of Hoy a few days previously! Small world.... and even smaller world, while chatting to someone from Acheltibuie at the concert - turned out they knew one of my neighbours on Graemsay!  The concert was great. Though the musicians hail from Hackney in North London, and NOT Budapest!

I travelled home by train to Thurso, as friends were going onward to other destinations. The train station outside Lairg reminded me of a scene from an old movie, with a dinky station house, two tracks, one up the way and one down the way.

A bridge....

And old signal box....

I shall hold the memory of mountains dear.... Until the next time....


  1. Such lovely photos of an area I would love to visit but doubt that I ever will, This is what I love about blogging. Thank you.

    1. Hi Penny, I know what you mean - it's wonderful to see and hear about other places, other lives - without leaving our own homes :-)

  2. What super photos of this stunning landscape, Sian. Thanks for reminding me just how gorgeous the west coast is. We haven't been back there since we discovered the north coast, but we really should go one day. :-) You had the same wonderful weather that you can see in my photos of our fortnight in Scotland. Weren't we lucky?

    1. Yes we were SO lucky with the weather! I just love looking at mountains - from ground level anyway. LOL! Hope you have a lovely time in France with plenty of sunshine too.

  3. Such wonderful scenery! Thank you for sharing the photos.

    1. The photos don't really to justice to the landscape - just layers of mountains and hills... so beautiful.

  4. Replies
    1. That's always my reaction when I see the mountains again :-)

  5. What gorgeous photos! (I especially loved the seal pups)

    1. Those seal pups were SO cute!!