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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Travelling around....

Above is the Pentalina, the ferry that sails from St Margaret's Hope in South Ronaldsay to Gills Bay on the Orkney Mainland.

Here is Cromarty Square in the village of St Margaret's Hope

The countryside around Hoxa, I love these lupins, though they are the cultivated variety....

Fields of buttercups at Hoxa too...

And a lovely beach, popular with visitors

And a bit of a surprise as I turned a corner..... this gentleman had the most stunning display of flowers and - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! A touch of Disney in Orkney.

While in Hoxa we visited the Hoxa Tapestry Gallery of Leila Thomson. I love her work and dream of owning a piece, but for now I content myself with cards and prints.

On another rather greyer day we visited Maes Howe in Stenness...... This is a magnificent chambered cairn dating from about 2700BC. To enter the cairn you have to stoop low (even me!) and walk down a long narrow passage. This is aligned to allow the last rays of the mid-winter sun as it slips down behind the hills of Hoy to shine down the passage way and light up the rear wall of the chamber. No photography was allowed inside so to read more click on this link.

Um..... that is the one day it rained!!  Welcome to an Orkney Summer ;-)

And on returning to Stromness we saw a small cruise ship sailing out of the harbour.....(the weather cleared up in the afternoon so I hope the visitors had a good time around Stromness).

More of our travelling adventures to follow.....


  1. Your photos this week are bringing back the memories. We also love Hoxa Head for the walking, history and wonderful views, and Ness Battery looks well worth a visit (we did the walk from Ness Point to Warebeth and saw the huts on the golf course). It rained on our visit to Maes Howe, too. It's a pretty impressive tomb - I especially liked the Norse grafitti and runes! Looking forward to seeing more of your photos.

  2. Ness Battery is definitely worth a visit - very atmospheric. I love Hoxa (and there's a tea room out that way too now with a stunning view). Photos will come in fits and starts - you know how summer is :-) I have more visitors to come so hoping to explore more and have more photo opportunities too.