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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Royal Visit to Orkney....

Orkney gets a fair share of visits by the British Royal Family. Today it was the turn of HRH the Princess Royal (known more usually by the UK population as "Princess Anne"). She was officially opening the Stromness Primary School among other things. Not sure if anyone told her the kids were brought in especially to various classes, wearing their school uniform, as the school holidays started a week ago!!  She also officially opened the new Swimming Pool and Leisure facilities in Kirkwall, and then popped over to Hoy to officiallyopen the newly refurbished Gable End Theatre. No visit to Graemsay this time - tee hee. Though she HAS visited here in her role as Patron of the Northern Lighthouse Board ( to see the lighthouses, obviously).

After all her formal visits she then went along to the Orkney Branch of the RDA (Riding for Disabled People), where she met many of the members.  THIS has to be the photograph of the ENTIRE Royal visit! I LOVE this photo!  Good on Eric (the chap in the photo).....

Copyright BBC Radio Orkney


  1. Super! can it be Lèse-majesté when it isn;'t The Queen? :-)

    1. I'm the last person to ask about royal protocol, leaning more towards being a Republican - while appreciating the amazing amount of hard work done by *some* of those with royal privilege.

  2. Replies
    1. Hee Hee...well remember our royal protocol means "hands off" everyone!! She was a good sport though....

  3. That photograph is just SO brilliant :) I hope it's pinned up all around your lovely island :)

    (just looking through your gorgeous photos from the last few weeks - we're coming to Orkney in a couple of weeks and I'm getting pretty over excited again now just looking at the scenery) :)