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Thursday 22 May 2008

The many uses for a handbag.....

Had to take Fitzi-cat to the vet again on Tuesday. What an experience…. For both of us! This is his third trip in a week and at the best of times he hates the vets. Usually he is just very vocal yowling and growling. But this time when the vet approached brandishing a needle he went berserk, turning into a hissing spitting ball of fur and claws. Unfortunately I got caught in the crossfire and ended up with a scratched face and arms – it could have been worse I suppose, I could have ended up with the steroid injection!

I have to say Fitz did look magnificent in full fury (bit like a Scottish fold wild cat). He is a large cat (see above photo taken about 4 years ago), small dog size really, and he sat on his bum, reared up and was lashing out with his front paws armed with piercing claws. Meanwhile his ears had disappeared in fury and he was baring his teeth, and the *noise*! The vet did mention his teeth looked in very good order – from the vantage point of the corner of the consulting room anyway.

Fitzi then threw himself off the examination couch onto the floor – not much trouble from his arthritis then……. Unfortunately he backed against the door, still hissing and spitting…… the door which was our only exit……. The vet and I looked at each other – she handed me some tissues to mop up the blood which was dripping slowly onto the floor. “Do you think you could move him away from the door?” she asked. “Are you mad”, I said, “I’m not going anywhere near him!” however we did decide we needed to escape somehow, so using my handbag as a defence we managed to push him into the corner so the vet could escape. She said I needed to stay in the room so she could get back in…. gee thanks! She suggested I talked to him in a soothing tone…….. it’s amazing how therapeutic it is to say many expletives using a soothing tone……. She returned with reinforcements in what felt like an eternity but was probably only a couple of minutes – wearing gauntlets, and brandishing a blanket to throw over the cat. Eventually he was captured, had his injection (gosh can *he* swear!) and bundled into the kitty carrier.

The other people in the waiting room did look alarmed as I appeared from the consulting room with blood all over my face! I put Fitzi back in the car to calm down and went back as the Vet’s assistant was concerned about my scratches and insisted on swabbing them down with antiseptic and made me wash my hands and face using the stuff they use to scrub up for operation.

As I wasn’t sure if my tetnus shots were up to date I then went off to the Doctors surgery to get my very own injection. Fitzi looked very pleased with himself once we got back to the boat ready for home……. “hmmm we won’t be doing THAT again in a hurry” I think we were both thinking!

Anyway both of us seem fairly well recovered from the ordeal, though Fitz still has chunks of fur coming out due to a skin infection. Fingers crossed there are no ill effects for either of us from the experience.

Other than that life is very hectic at the moment with work, and trying to get some jobs done around the house and garden plus some visiting to do. So I may well be scarce for the next week – but don’t panic Fitz hasn’t locked me into a cupboard in revenge – yet.

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