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Wednesday 11 November 2009

A day of rainbows....

Today has been a day of rainbows! Lots of heavy rain showers interspersed by sunshine. This morning though there was a slight frost and some mist. So.... "changeable" is an understatement for the weather today!

I've been over to town for my H1N1 vaccination. Lots of folk lining up for their injections. One wee lass who went in before me screamed loudly at one point (presumably, literally at one very painful point!). The rest of us waiting agreed that sometimes it would be nice to just be able to scream that loudly without any loss of dignity but once one gets beyond 6 or 7 years it seems unacceptable!

I took the opportunity to do a bit of shopping in town and drop in on some friends. The weather is due to get a bit wild at the end of the week so I shall be hunkering down again for a few days.

Below is a photo of a rainbow over Stromness Harbour, with two dive boats in the foreground.

Below is a photo of the "Golden Marianna" our interim ferry, taken the other day as it startled a flock of lapwings.


  1. So that's where the Mariana is! Papay folk are stranded without it - seriously. The kids are going to school by plane.

  2. We know!! And please tell them it wasn't of OUR making! Our own boat is in bits at the moment and should be returned - well who knows..... it was supposed to be 1st December but nobody really believes that......