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Thursday 12 November 2009


"Cat among the Silage"

...... can someone please explain to me how a cat can devour unsavoury parts of a mouse or bird (sorry - were you eating when you started reading this post?) and yet can turn her nose up at Whiska's meaty chunks and give a look of utter disgust that would curdle milk?? Button, of course, thinks she is a "Princess" and expects to be treated as such, and I, fool that I am, pander to this.......

Anyway dear Button is doing her best to eradicate mice from the fields and byres around the house..... I find various "presents" on the doorstep after successful hunting sessions. And I won't mention the *live* presents she also brings in......! It's a race to the cat flap for both of us sometimes!

Meanwhile in the barn, Charlie Boy, another rescue cat, is becoming more friendly each day. He arrived on the island some months ago having been rescued by the local Cat Protection organisation from a home on Mainland Orkney along with over 30 other cats. Charlie was quite traumatised by being "rescued", neutered and rehomed and was very wild when he came here (who can blame him...). I kept him in a room of his own for a few days but at the first opportunity he escaped and took up residence in the barn. He's been very shy ever since, but was quite happy to accept food, under certain conditions. I would go into the barn and call him and I would hear a "kerthud" from the hay loft above and a little face would peer through the loft hatch and meow.... but he wouldn't come near the food till I retreated. Anyway over the last two weeks he has decided I am acceptable company and comes for a short fuss before tucking into his meal for the day. Bless....... He must come into contact with Button but they have (hopefully) signed some sort of treaty and give each other a wide berth.

Charlie-Boy, clearly stating "Thanks for dinner, now please GO AWAY and leave me to eat it in peace!" I love the rings round his tail.


  1. Have you a close-up of Button? In that photo she is the spit of my Henry - markings and stance.

    Rosie x

  2. Maybe it is just as well Charlie lives in the barn... lots of space to hide and be himself.

  3. Our cats catch and eat whole rabbits - usually in two sittings, leaving the back end (the front end is always first to be eaten) hanging around the barn for a day or two.

  4. Rosie - I'll find a close up of button to post! She may have a french cousing then?

    VioletSky - yes I think he had a lovely comfortable life up in the hay loft!

    Malc - fortunately we don't have any bunnies on Graemsay (no really none at all), nor rats, just mice, shrews and lots of birds. And yes she seems to start at the head and work down - ugh.....